The Negaforce

Negaverse History and ImportanceEdit

A thousand years ago, the Moon Kingdom was a peaceful civilization under the reign of Queen Serenity. However, everything changed when the Negaverse, ruled by the evil Queen Beryl attacked. Beryl sent her most horrifying warriors, the seven shadows and the Negaforce against the Moon Kingdom. Not even the combined force of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus could overcome these fantastic foes nor could Prince Darien. However, Queen Serenity used the Imperium Silver Crystal and the Crescent Moon Wand to put a stop to this by trapping them in the Imperium Silver Crystal itself then sent them into space. However, the crystal broke into the seven rainbow crystals with a shadow warrior locked in each fragment. A thousand years later, the Negaverse broke free and forced Queen Serenity's guardian cats Luna and Artemis to activate the Sailor Scouts to stop Queen Beryl from putting the whole universe in the same fate as the Moon Kingdom. First, the Negaverse was using Beryl's first two commanders, Jedite and Nephlite to gather energy from humans in order to reawaken the Negaforce. However, when the time came, Beryl sent Zoisite to steal the seven Rainbow Crystals which were reborn in humans who carried the crystals but had no memory of their former existence. While Zoisite got five and Tuxedo Mask got two, eventually, the Imperuim Silver Crystal was returned to Sailor Moon/Princess Serena forcing Queen Beryl to send Evil Prince Darien and Malachite to kill Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts and steal the crystal from them. While all attempts failed, Queen Beryl merged with the Negaforce and became more powerful but was defeated by Princes Serena, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus combined, ending the Negaverse for good!

Queen BerylEdit


Queen Beryl

"Jedite, we are pleased with the enrgy you've collected from the people of Earth. But you have also made several mistakes and you have not yet been able to defeat the three Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars!" to Jedite in Episode 10: Fight to the Finish

"Stop giving me excuses! You're starting to sound like that worthless peon Jedite! Now tell me what you've got planned for Sailor Moon unless you want to end up like Jedite!" to Nephlite in Episode 16: Who is that Masked Man?

"You've been warned for the last time! You won't disobey me again!" to Zoisite in Episode 31: A Reluctant Princess

"But that's not true Malachite, they'll be very useful perhaps, even more useful than you!" to Malachite in Episode 37: Tuxedo Unmasked

Queen Beryl is the main antagonist in Sailor Moon Season 1 and the ruler of the Negaverse. A thousand years ago, she set all of her armies on the Moon Kingdom and was thwarted by Queen Serenity. However, a milenium later, she and her forces broke free and decided to attack the Earth. For the first four episodes, her first commander, Jedite to steal energy but was thwarted by Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Sailor Moon every time. In episode six, she became even more furious with Jedite's failures,especailly with Sailor Mercury in their way now! This increased when she chastised him for letting Sailor Mars join the Sailor Scouts in epsiode eight. In episode ten, when Jedite failed to defeat the Sailor Scouts, Beryl put Jedite into an Eternal Sleep despite his attempts to tell her the Sailor Scouts' identities! After Jedite's punishment, Nephlite was put on the front line in his place. However, his attempts were thwarted by the same trio that finished off Jedite's, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars! To make matters worse for Beryl, Nephlite fell in love with Molly in his last episode so she probably didn't mind Zoisite killing him when she told her what happened. After Nephlite's murder, Zoisite took his place and searched for the Rainbow Crystals, retrieving five, four from Game Machine Joe, Peggy Jones, Rita and Raye's grandpa and one that the Sailor Scouts saved. However, Tuxedo Mask had two and Zoisite tried to help Malachite hold the four Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter hostage in a shrinking dome and threaten to kill them if Tuxedo Mask didn't surrender his crystals by pretending to be Sailor Moon to lure Tuxedo Mask right to them but was ultimately thwarted by Sailor Venus! Later on as Beryl turned Tuxedo Mask to the side of the Negaverse, she caught Zoisite trying to kill him and did the same to her and replaced her with Malachite. Malachite failed each time and often agrued with Evil Prince Darien and was ultimately killed by Sailor Moon! Beryl and the Negaforce both met their match at the hands of all five Sailor Socuts, the Crescent Moon Wand and the Imperium Silver Crystal!




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