Sailor Moon with the Crescent Moon Wand and the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Biographical TableEdit

First Appearance A Moon Star is Born
Age 14
School Crossroads Junior High
Annoying Habit Whining
Personality Irresponsible, Petulant, Kind
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject Math
Favorite Food Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food Carrots
First Attack Moon Tiara Magic

Personality and ImportanceEdit

Serena is the main protagonist of the whole Sailor Moon franchise. She is a videogame addict and therefore, is not a good student and is also a crybaby and is shown as irresponsible on several occasions! However, she is also kind and caring to those who need her the most and is therefore considered a good friend. She often is seen hanging out with her friends Molly and Melvin in the first season and is often having to save them in the latter. This is shown less often in Season 2 as she is more busy hanging out with her fellow Sailor Scouts, her boyfriend Darien, and the Sailor Scouts' two cat guardains, Luna and Artemis. In Season 1, she is often seen taking her Sailor Business lightly but that happens less often in Season 2, especially after Rini comes along needing protection from the Negamoon Family by the Sailor Scouts.

Table of PowersEdit

Power First Appearance
Moon Prism Power A Moon Star is Born
Moon Tiara Magic A Moon Star is Born
Moon Healing Activation Jupiter Comes Thundering In
Cosmic Moon Power A Reluctant Princess
Moon Crystal Power Cherry Blossom Time
Moon Scepter Elimination Cherry Blossom Time
Moon Crystal Healing Activation Enemies No More